Strharsky, Synaptor and Starting Up!


Today we hear from Justin Strharsky, Perth Startup Weekend Committee Member and Managing Director of Synaptor an online application designed and built for for companies concerned with managing their health, safety, and environmental risks in real time and on nearly every platform.

What do you like about working at a start-up?

I like not being bored – it’s a new challenge every day. I like having a shot at doing something big and sexy.

Did I just say that?  Actually, at Synaptor we considered adopting the strap-line “Making Safety Sexy”.

What do you dislike about working at a start-up?

It can be a bit all-consuming at times.  I need to learn to ‘put it away’.

What excites you about our start-up community?

I think it’s a fantastic time to be an entrepreneur in Australia. There are so many big, exciting problems to get after, and so many resources at our disposal. The community is relatively small and approachable, and while we are learning from the way things are done elsewhere, there is an invigorating freedom to make our our own way.

I’m excited that I haven’t heard anyone here say “SoMoLo” with a straight face.

Connect: @JustinStrharsky