Best. #SWPerth. Ever


You made it, Startup Weekend friends!

Not only did you survive the inaugural Startup Weekend Perth, you have also navigated the most extreme strain of Monday-itis known to humankind: post-Startup Weekend Monday-itis!

A lot has already happened since we shared the awesomeness of #SWPerth together… Threadster attracted the attention of PerthNow; the PLUG guys posted everyone’s final presentations for the world to enjoy on YouTube; we shared a bunch of photos from Friday night on Facebook (photos from Sunday night coming soon!); Spacecubed has been signing up new members left, right and centre; I have personally seen people describe the event as “life changing” and “the most ‘get out your comfort zone’ weekend of my life”; mentor Charlie Gunningham wrote a terrific blog about his experience at Startup Weekend Perth; and our uber-judge Hugh Mason shared an awesome video featuring interviews with wunder-facilitator (and honourary Aussie) Dave Moskovitz, Chief Mentor Wrangler Marcus Tan and others!

Congratulations to our worthy winners, runners-up BreakEven, superstar designer Karl Brightman and the dev team from YourStop, plus notable mentions to Threadster and Hairpin, both of whom have already won me over as a customer! We will be in touch with the winners again soon, and Dave will contact all teams to ensure you got the most out of your #SWPerth experience.

In the meantime, we would love to hear exactly what you thought of Startup Weekend Perth, your highlights and ideas for how we can improve it. Please, please, pretty please spare a couple of minutes for us and complete the SURVEY here. We look forward to making #SWPerth2 even better – your honest feedback will help us to do that.

For those of you who were impressed by Spacecubed over the weekend, you have until COB tomorrow to sign up for their special Spacecubed Community Membership ($22.50 per month) offer, giving you the next month of Unlimited co-working for free, as well as access to the Office Hours program and other benefits. Contact Brodie now to jump on board.

Thanks once again to all our participants, mentors, judges and sponsors for making Startup Weekend Perth such a memorable event. Special shout outs go to Peta Hayward for the amazing breakfasts and lunches (and her brother John for introducing Peta to me in the first place!); to Grand Central Premium Coffee Roasters for 4kg of delicious coffee beans (not to mention the magic of our superstar baristas, Darcy and Tristan); to Mike Payne for the PA; to Jordan Shields for his photos; and to Perth Linux Users Group for streaming the event and posting videos from the weekend on YouTube. As a testament of their sheer awesomeness, the PLUG guys kept working around the clock until they had uploaded videos of all teams’ final presentations – at 3am on Sunday night! Once again, thanks to their efforts you can watch Round 1 and Round 2 of the final presentations here.

To those of you who want to revisit the tips and tidbits that we shared over the weekend, you can access the full Startup Weekend resource list here, download your very own Lean Canvas, keep the learning going with Steve Blank’s Lean LaunchPad Online course and get yourself a copy of Eric Ries’ startup bible The Lean Startup.

To those who want to stay in touch post-event, remember that we’ve got Lawn Bowls with the Port 80 gang this Sunday, to be followed by an official catchup for all #SWPerth participants next month – stay tuned for more details soon! Of course, you can also reach out on the SWPerth2012 Yammer network, national Facebook group and, for those who are that way inclined, via a public Twitter list of Startup Weekend’ers (thanks to @malgordon for collating that). If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to ping me directly – contact details provided below.

For now, I’d best sign off and get back to reality. But before I do, one last HUGE thank you to all the organisers and volunteers who made my life a whole lot less stressful over the past weeks and months! Without the generous help and support of Brodie, Marcus, Jake, Ashlee, Isaak, Darcy, Dinesh, Dave, Claire, Justin and the list goes on (!) we wouldn’t have had the amazing venue, mentors, sponsors, tweets, blogs and everthing else that made #SWPerth such a phenomenal experience. As well as giving life to a bunch of great ideas, I think it’s safe to say that we have shared a special weekend, made lots of new friends and learned a heap of valuable lessons along the way!

My parting gift to you is this tweet from up-and-coming startup legend Aaron Levie:

Big companies exist to keep the world running, startups exist to show us where the world’s going.

Where do you think the world is going? And what are you doing to show us how to get there?


Sam Birmingham and the #SWPerth gang