It’s About Doing Stuff


Zane is a local Perth-based entrepreneur helping oil and gas companies to better manage their operational data and gain a few insights along the way.  True to his word, Zane is constantly looking to learn, improve and DO!

Quick question:  How do you know you can climb Kilimanjaro (a big mountain in Africa)?  Do you know because you “looked at it”, “analyzed every detail”, “made every possible estimates on what you will need”, “made lots of day hikes and got yourself in shape”?  OR do you know you can DO IT because well you… DID IT!  Sure you might fail the first time or the weather might stop you on an attempt but the only way to truly know if you can climb that mountain is to get started and DO IT!

That is what Startup Weekend is about “Doing It”!   It is about moving out of the Sucking Phase and into the building/feedback phase as quickly as possible. As Steve Blank says “No Business Plan Survives First Contact with Customers” so get out of  the building early and fail!  Then take the feedback on board and improve.  The faster you can manage that cycle the faster you and the team will have a viable business.

Hope you are all excited about the upcoming weekend and building an awesome business.  For some this will be completely new and exciting experience and for others it might just be another iteration on the cycle of improvement.


Zane Prickett